General Action Plan

The project has been set up to highlight the natural and ethnographic heritage of all the municipalities that make up the ECO-TUR NETWORK, through the creation of new products and services to promote ecotourism and active tourism.

The project shall be developed in three phases:

  • Phase 1: A Transnational Network of Municipalities shall be created to develop a strategy and local action plans for the protection, conservation and highlighting of the natural and ethnographic heritage of each municipality.

  • Phase 2: Actions to recuperate the landscape and for the restoration and conservation of local heritage shall be carried out, to then mark out, signpost and set up tourist itineraries and routes.

  • Phase 3: An innovative touristic product shall be created which will consolidate and tie in all local services linked to the tourist routes set up, through the use of an ECO-TUR Passport. A new product shall be launched through the promotion of an activities calendar designed to provide users with the full enjoyment of the routes.
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